NetWORKing Central HYBRID meeting

Hosted By: Denise Pitot
Date: 2022-06-09 To: 2022-06-09
Time: 09:30 To: 11:00
Venue: Goldcrest Hotel, Quatre Bornes
Bookings Website:
Cost: Rs
The most important skill in networking is listening!
At our referral generating business network meetings, we listen to how we can help others. It is what sets this group of business people apart from mere gatherings. When we come together to help one another, not only do we leave feeling fantastic for having been able to help our fellow business people, but very often we are helped as well.
Business can be tough. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and revel in your successes along side you.
Our meetings are informal, every one is welcome and Still & Sparkles is a gracious host, even giving us a cup of coffee!
The first meeting is free.
Members no charge, returning visitors Rs 200.


Come and meet us!