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Sector: Media, Art Gallery

Artysta specialises in the promotion and copyright-protection of artists through bespoke hotel gallery installations, corporate art and interior design packages. We provide original and limited-edition art through an online gallery and deliver authenticated, valuated original art directly to buyers. - We empower and encourage local artists by copyrighting their art through our association with MASA (Mauritius Society of Authors) and providing an authentication system that protects the integrity and provenance of their artworks. - We provide a truly unique guest experience for travellers with our in-house mobile wall galleries, providing them with authentic local community engagement, and ensuring the artworks they purchase are authenticated. - we provide a rare offering for hotels through our mobile gallery installations, by connecting hotels and their local community and by partnering with their CSR programs. - We assist companies in achieving harmony in the workspace by providing art packages that suit the company culture, brand and budget and obtaining an income tax deduction on purchases registered through our platform. - We assist property developers and interior designers by showcasing original local art in their properties and promoting the "Made in Mauritius" culture, with tangible assets going to the buyer.

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Art in Times of Crisis 2020-08-16 view
The Impact of Art in the Workplace 2020-06-10 view


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