The Impact of Art in the Workplace

2020-06-10 06:40:31 • Eloise Robbertze

THE IMPACT OF ART IN THE WORKPLACE Creative thinking and problem-solving does not happen in a box. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not produce their best work in gray, fabric-lined cubicles, and neither will your staff. There are always key areas in the workplace that can be enhanced when working in an environment surrounded by art, and when a company invests in art, especially artworks created by local artists, it highlights some core values of the business. The company values creativity The company acknowledges that staff are at the core of new ideas which often inspire new products, efficient processes, and enhanced services. They use their imagination to drive innovation and technological advancement. The company embraces work enjoyment and gratification while working towards a common goal. It encourages diverse perspectives and experiences through collaboration. The company supports staff wellbeing Workplaces are often stressful and tense environments and staff become cognitively exhausted after prolonged periods of work. Viewing artworks helps staff reduce stress and restore mental energy, boosting brain performance. It has also been linked to lower levels of anger. The company retains and attracts staff looking for inspiring places to work The look and feel of the workplace creates a first impression that could be an influencing factor when interviewing new staff. The environment should convey a culture of wellbeing, inclusivity, and creativity. This is a space where staff will work 40 - 50 hours every week – it should be inspiring. The company supports the local community by working with local artists By working with local artists and displaying artworks depicting local scenes, the company shows a direct reference and acceptance to the cultural diversity of the country. The most successful corporate collections feature artworks by local artists. The company builds a workplace community Staff tend to feel more cooperative and are more willing to consider alternative viewpoints when viewing artworks they find pleasing. They also feel more connected to the company when surrounded by artworks showing scenes of their country because they feel a connection. This helps to enhance staff morale. The company enhances relationships with staff Staff display significant attention to detail, process information and manage tasks better when their workplace environment displays art. Open dialogue is encouraged resulting in higher levels of organizational citizenship. The company customizes the workplace to represent their brand A company displaying, for example, unusual artworks is often seen as conducting business in modern ways, or marketing unconventional products. Artworks from ethnic communities, for example, can express multicultural management practices.