The year is 2029, more precisely the 3rd January. The price of Bitcoin is… Oh nevermind about the price, right?

We just landed in Liberland, the now undisputed Crypto Capital of the World. Tonight the Decentrals (No republicans / Democrats / Labour / Conservative / Right wing / Left wing BS anymore) are celebrating the birth of Crypto in the most CENTRALISED fashion for the biggest Crypto Party ever in Satoshi Square. After all, Bitcoin is turning 20 years old, or 20 years young should I say.

As our plane lands my Phone already starts earning some “DutyFree” tokens for sharing my single malt preferences (Ardbeg 10 still my favourite if you are wondering). I still got these old school reflexes where every five minutes I need to check if my passport is still with me, but I realize that all my Identification is on my phone wallet which stores all these sensitive data divided in millions of pieces on a Blockchain.

It is my first time in Liberland and I am really excited not just because of the party but because I decided to move there with my family in this Utopian Crypto Nation. We actually applied for the Liberland citizenship yesterday, and we got approval 30 seconds later. We bought our house on a security token platform with a few tokens and all we got back was another token (albeit one with the tittle deed in it), got a mortgage by some friends whose real identity we don’t even know yet cause we met them on Superlinks, the decentralized “own your own data” social media platform (I dare not use the F word* in this general public piece of art). We will be meeting them for the first time tonight at the party.

What made us make the leap to Liberland is that it made the World FLAT. No President, No Prime Minister, No Royal family, No Elections every five years. No Senators to represent us. We represent ourselves. We vote everyday, or every minute if necessary. Liberland’s government is a bunch of Algorythms on the Blockchain for the law making and judiciary, and some Machines for Cleaning and Maintainance. There was a really old Beatles song called “All you need is Love”. Nowadays, the no1 song on the charts is “ All you need is a Dapp” by a group called the Masternodes.

When we enter our newly purchased zero carbon emitting self driving car, the car pays for the parking, the toll fee and even some “compensation” tokens to the cars in front on us for cutting ahead of them in the queue because we are running late. The early adopters called it IOT back then, now IOT is so ubiquitous it doesn’t even need a name.

“OMG, we forgot to change some currency to do groceries and for the party tonight” I thought to myself. Ah I am getting old, still with these “non-millenial” bad habits. After all I am a Xennial, born in the generation sandwiched between gen-Xers and millenials. We don’t need to change currencies anymore. Whatever crypto currency I have in my wallet can instantly be morphed in any other crypto asset as everything is now on a Blockchain and Blockchains interconnect smoothly.

Finally home, we get some time to relax, eat some Bio gourmet fresh fast food ordered by our fridge… wow that’s efficiency! Of course we check all those “Bio, gourmet and fresh” claims with a supply chain Dapp which at the same time earns us some tokens for the next purchase.

My wife and I leave the kids with the Bot-sitter and head to our favourite designer label store to get ready for tonight’s celebration. On entering the store, after being facially recognized, we agree to share some of our preferences, spending habits and consumer behavior patterns for a hefty token benefit on their Shopping Dapp. I love shopping with my wife now because it takes 10 minutes instead of hours. The shop already selected oufits for us to try based on our taste, morphology and buying history. They fit perfect, and our outfits even colour match. We are going to look good tonight!

There is no queue to enter the party as it is an OPEN party, what else right? We are the Internet of money, not the Intranet on money ☺ There is simply an invite pop up that jokes: “Are you Sato…He or Sato…She?”

It’s crazy as I started thinking of the time I did not know about Open Blockchains. Now I get to party with the Winklevoss twins, Andreas Antanopoulos and all the crypto stars. Heck even Roger Veer and the Bitcoin Maximalists made peace and are dancing together. Maybe even Satoshi is around, no one knows.

In my mind I’m thinking of the day I read an article entitled “Why the world needs Nuls” and think: “ Wow, we’ve come a long way baby, and that dream became all true”.

This is why the World needs Nuls, because all these Dapps would make our world a better place to live… and they could all be built on the fast adabtable Nuls Blockchain.

What are we waiting for?

Yours truly.

*: Superlinks : A decentralized social media application for high net worth indviduals currently being built on the Nuls Blockchain.

** F word: We mean Facebook.