Polished Professional- date t.b.a. after lockdown

Hosted by: Denise Pitot

From: 17:30

To: 20:30

At: Dias Pier, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis

Date: 2020-07-24

Venue: Ilot Cafe

Registration Website: Click Here


Are you interested in “Polishing” your professional skills? Keen to learn about the latest developments in workplace practices? Wanting to improve team morale and your networking skills? All whilst shopping clothes and accessories, and essential professional services? Come and join us at “The Polished Professional” co-hosted by Mauritius Business Network, SoJo designs and Liri Jewellery at 5.30-8.30pm, Thursday, 26 March, upstairs, Ilot Café, Caudan, Port Louis, where a series of local and international guest speakers will guide us through the latest in workplace health, how to improve your written and oral communication skills, improving your networking skills, and so much more.