Figure Painting in Oils

Hosted by: Lynn Smith

From: 09:30

To: 16:30

At: Royal Road, Calodyne

Date: 2020-09-14

Venue: Artspace Mauritius

Registration Website: Click Here

Cost: 19500

On this workshop Italian artist Luca Indraccolo will be tutoring Figurative Painting and we will work from nude models. He also has a Portrait Painting workshop the previous week providing students the opportunity of two weeks tuition from this incredible artist. In this workshop you will learn how to approach the daunting subject of painting from the human figure by breaking down this timeless and complicated subject matter. We will look at blocking strategies, how to keep proportions under control, understanding the main volumes of the body and how to capture ‘ gesture’ . We will also learn how to organise a value range , colour theory, the correct use of medium, and the importance of edges to achieve the impression of form. By the end of the week students will understand the stages of figure painting which can be applied to all other matters.