Power Team Huddle with BBN

Hosted By: Denise Pitot
Date: 2022-09-29 To: 2022-09-29
Time: 09:30 To: 11:00
Venue: URL will be sent upon registration
Bookings Website: https://ecv.microsoft.com/XCOITGeeh1
Website: https://mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com/events.php
Cost: Rs
Engage with like-minded business people who belong to the same sector as you, or who have a topic you find interesting.
Choose the Zoom breakout session and discuss with the fellow netWORKers as you go through the challenges, opportunities and the 'going-forward' solutions surrounding the topic of discussion. This should lead to more opportunities for collaboration as well as generate creative ideas to develop our businesses.


The sectors and topics are as follows:
1. Finance/Business
2. Media
3. Hospitality/Tourism
4. ICT
5. Green
6. Health/Wellness
7. Education/Training
8. Retail
9. Manufacturing