NetWORKing West - Our 3rd Birthday!

Hosted By: Denise Pitot
Date: 2021-11-11 To: 2021-11-11
Time: 09:30 To: 11:00
Venue: Black River
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Cost: Rs



We did it! We are 3 years old this month. Join us as we celebrate each of YOU and the contribution you have made to this amazing Business Family.

Let's rub shoulders to share ideas. Enthusiasm is contagious. Smiles at our meetings are spontaneous, and everyone leaves feeling amped to reach new heights for their businesses. 


Friends are invited; Everyone is welcome! We really enjoy meeting new business people and finding out how we can help them to achieve their goals.


Come along?


Free for members and first time visitors. Rs 200 for returning visitors.

Coffee courtesy of the venue.