December netWORKing... an Aventure!

Hosted by: Denise Pitot

From: 09:30

To: 11:00

At: Pamplemousses/ Beau Plan

Date: 2020-12-01

Venue: l Aventure du Sucre

Registration Website: Click Here


Our new home in the north.... join us as we explore l Aventure du Sucre at Beau Plan, Pamplemousses and get to know each other and our respective businesses a little better. What a way to round off the year. This will be the last netWORK meeting in the north until February. Be sure not to miss the opportunity. Good netWORKing is should be done all year; through all seasons, through all situations. Whether you are busy or quiet, your marketing should continue. We just happen to make it fun AND productive. If you are curious about whether netWORKing could work to help grow your business, then come along. The first meeting is always free. Returning visitors Rs200 Members, no charge. Book here :