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EMTEL Ltd, a subsidiary of CJ, is a private company limited by shares under the Companies Act 2001, was incorporated in Mauritius on 3rd July 1987. Emtel Ltd became the first mobile telephony operator in the entire Southern Hemisphere in 1989. From a mobile telephone company, Emtel has evolved into a one-stop-shop for ICT solutions offering a wide range of products and services for individuals, enterprises and Homes. Emtel’s innovations include the first 3G Network in Africa in 2004 and first 4G Network in Mauritius. In June 2015, Emtel has launched Airbox thus providing Unlimited Internet to the home in a quicker and hassle free manner.    Emtel has now opened new possibilities for all segments with Airbox 5G which brings seamless, uninterrupted and ultra-fast home Internet with a simple Plug & Play solution. Airbox 5G offers special 5G packs together with add-on services such as added speed/volume, fixed voice service, WiFi extender, security camera and TV channels with Canal+   Emtel is offering a wide range of customized and innovative connectivity solutions to corporates suiting their business needs under Emtel Business portfolio. With METISS and continued fibre expansions, Emtel is undoubtedly laying the foundation for 5G in Mauritius, which will bring considerable benefits to individuals, households, businesses and smart cities in coming years.

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Prakash Bheekhoo
Director - Emtel Business
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