Royal Kids Center of Excellence

Trading As: Royal Kids School

Sector: Education/Training,

ROYAL KIDS - NURSERY, PRE PRIMARY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL. Located in Curepipe, ROYAL KIDS Center of Excellence in Education is a Private institution, providing care and education to children from 3 months old to 11+ years old. Founded in 1997, the school has since then, served hundreds of children and parents, by providing a high-quality education and care, with the focus on the child s overall development. The success of Royal Kids School lies in its commitment to EXCELLENCE in terms of education, care and values inculcated in children. Royal Kids initially started as a Nursery & Pre-Primary school, and following constant requests from parents, a Primary School has been set up, whilst keeping in mind the aspect of EXCELLENCE. The Primary Section is situated at Icery Street, Curepipe and the Nursery and Pre-Primary Sections are located at Thomy DArifat Street, Curepipe.


Royal Kids Primary School

Icery Street

Curepipe, Plaines Wilhems


Royal Kids - Nursery & Pre Primary School

15, Thomy D'Arifat Street




Zareen Mowla Elahee
School Manager