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Big Blue Media offers specialist services in custom title publishing, marketing and communications strategy. Working closely with clients to achieve their communication objectives to develop a strong brand identity, we create concepts and collaborate with the best talent in the business to develop products which connect with the client's desired markets. Ingrid Hale is the Founder and CEO of Big Blue Media, which was founded in 2013. The business is based in South Africa with an office in Mauritius (since July 2018). Ingrid has over 30 years experience in marketing, publishing, business development and communications. As CEO, Ingrid directs and manages a team of 12 freelance professionals to produce content, and a sales team of 2 for both print and digital products. The team works on campaigns or products for clients of Big Blue Media or for Sail + Leisure, a lifestyle consumer media brand founded and developed by Ingrid. Services include the production of custom magazines as internal communications tools for employees, and to promote the business to investors. Sound communication, marketing and business development services including strategy planning are provided. Ingrid has measurable experience in building brands. Skills include: marketing, publishing, content production, website management, social media marketing, PR/communications, brand development, marketing strategy and planning, conceptualising and managing events. Ingrid has a diploma from Stanford University in Publishing and a diploma from the IAAA in media and advertising.

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