What is a Virtual Assistant and 5 tasks they can do

2021-01-15 06:56:21 • Stelly Cango

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent worker who assists businesses with administrative, business development, social media or other tasks. 

By taking on recurring tasks and administrative work, they free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers so they can focus on strategic goals.


With the advent of the internet, businesses can now subcontract some of their business processes to anyone around the world.  VAs work online from a remote location so small businesses can get the services they need without providing working space, equipment and other related costs.


When VAs are employed by a company, businesses do not have to pay for employee benefits such as pension fund, travelling fee, insurance or end of year bonuses.


Virtual Assistants have become very popular with small businesses and entrepreneurs over the decade as they are flexible workforce. Need a VA for 5hrs a week?  10hrs?  No problem. 30hrs a week?  VAs are available.


5 tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you


1.  Calendar management

From managing appointments to providing reminders, Your VA can make it effortless for you.


2. Email and contact management 

If emails stay unopened for days and your mailbox is always full of spam, your VA will screen and reply to emails so you don’t miss on any sales opportunity.  They can also keep your CRM app up to date.


3. Phone tasks

A Virtual Assistant can do receptionist work by answering calls when you are not available or replying to clients via WhatsApp or other messaging systems.

VAs can also take other your business phone duties so that you do not have to answer any professional phone call unless required anymore.


4. Accounting

Why not have your Virtual Assistant do your bookkeeping for you.  From maintaining the books to creating and sending invoices and chasing payments, your VA can relieve you from these dreaded tasks.


5. Operations

Your main focus as a small business owner is working for your company success and growth.  So why not leave the repetitive operational tasks to someone else.


Few operational tasks you can delegate to a VA are:

  • Filling out online forms

  • File management

  • Managing suppliers

  • Client support

  • Social media management

  • Conduct research


Next step to get a Virtual Assistant

  • Identify tasks that need to be outsourced to a VA

  • Use a service provider to get a Virtual Assistant that fits your needs.

  • Start enjoying having more focusing on your core business functions.