Networking tip #6 GIVE

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • Denise Pitot

"Denise Pitot's TOP Networking Tips: #6 Whether you are a seasoned networker, or learning the ropes, here are some of my top tips to help you to get the most out of your networking events. Tip #6. Networking has a lot to do with giving. Asking how you can help a fellow networker earns you credibility by demonstrating your support of them. When at your next networking meeting, ask "How can I assist you to grow your business?". It's a great way to start a conversation, find out what sort of referrals they are looking for and to help you better understand their business. When you attend a networking function, do you go with the intention of buying? Generally not, we do however go with the intention of selling. If no one is going with the intention of buying, who are we selling to? Networking is never about selling. It is about helping others. They will do the "selling" for you when they are in a position to honestly refer you because they believe in your credibility. My top tip is to attend the networking function with the intention of giving, rather than receiving.