How to write a Blog

2020-06-15 05:56:51 • Denise Pitot

I’m no expert at blogging, but there are a few things I have learnt, and since we offer this opportunity for additional free marketing to our members, I thought I’d share a couple of tips on making the most of the opportunity. 1. A blog is not an advert. It’s an opportunity to share information that is valuable to the reader. You just happen to be the “expert” sharing the knowledge, so if the reader needs additional information, you will be their “expert” go-to person. 2. Language and spelling. This is critical. You cannot be the “expert” if you are not grammatically correct. It is a fact, that you will be judged by your use of the written language. Have someone proofread the blog for you. Have a look at this article for more information: Have fun writing your blog and sharing your knowledge with your fellow members. Denise