Last Education talk Zoom Meeting - Growth Mindset - Nathalie Sanchez Alinae Consulting

2020-05-22 09:01:14 • NATHALIE SANCHEZ

The world is changing.... Everyone can , feel , see, that things are different. Yesterday' truth might be wrong today and in future . During this Crisis, we have missed our family, our friends, the face to face communication with our colleagues.... We have to cope with, to strength ourselves because none can say IF and When normality will go back. We need to ADAPT OURSELVES by shifting our habits or changing our habits to handle our days. Our brain is managing our body . Our body is such as important as our mind, and brain. They are linked. Allow your brain and mind to take care of your body . Stop PROCRASTINATION ! In other words '' moove yourself in the right direction'' . STOP HAVING NEGATIVE THINKING, throw away your FIXED MINDSET ( '' I'll never be able to do that, I am not a athletic, I do not know yoga nor meditation..etc....) Instead, empty your mind, focus on your body and TRY: exercices, walk, read, meditation, yoga, look at films , talk to your friends, or whatever you can do TO TAKE TIME NOT THINKING ABOUT BUSINESS, to give YOUR BRAIN A REST without FEELING GUILTY :) Once you have decided to ALLOW TIME to let your brain ''in peace'' you'll be fit to THINK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS . Good, now you have SHIFTED FROM FIXED MINDSET to GROWTH MINDSET ! Growth MINDSET is to think POSITIVE - GROWTH MINDSET is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF , IN YOUR CAPACITY TO GROW , yourself and your business Step 1 : list your REACH-ABLE IDEAS - AND list YOUR time-frame GOALS Step 2: Ask yourselves questions - What do I need to REACH my IDEAS ? - What help do I need ? - Who can help me ? - What do I need to LEARN? - What do I have to do to turn my ideas into ACTION ? - How can I transform my IDEAS into GOALS Step 3: ACTION PLAN - What is an Action Plan ? - Who can help me to guide me ? Good !!!! Your are on the good way to SHIFT your Fixed MINDSET into GROWTH MINDSET : YOU ARE TAKING ACTION , YOUR ARE IN THE ACTION MOOD . One thing is very IMPORTANT : BEFORE EARNING you might HAVE TO LEARN !!!! And you CAN LEARN !!! Let's KICK OFF FOR A POSITIVE THINKING : INVENT , OR RE- INVENT YOURSELVES or YOUR BUSINESS ! NEVER FORGET, that you MUST ALLOW your BRAIN & BODY their individual TIME. Questions ? Do not hesitate to contact me : + 230 52516440 or via email : - www. Have a nice day , Cheers Nathalie