How to use your MBN membership #4

2020-05-01 07:56:42 • Denise Pitot

You will have received your login to the LearnTech E-Learning platform. You can access it from the RESOURCES page on the website. LearnTech have given you access to 11 online learning courses to hone your entrepreneurial skills. Have a look at what is available and if you would like to extend logins to other members of your team, let me know. This is a great inexpensive and easy way to learn some new and very valuable skills for business. Here’s what you and your team could learn: • Entrepreneurial Skills • Basic Bookkeeping • Administrative Support • COVID-19 • Budgets and Financial Reports • Customer Service • Knowledge Management • MS Excel 2016 • MS PowerPoint 2016 • Negotiations • Sales Fundamentals There are some great skills to learn. Add a colleague for Rs2000 and they can access all the same courses. Enjoy growing your mind and improving your business skills.