Why you should join a netWORK - part 6

2020-04-15 05:20:52 • Denise Pitot

WHAT NOW? Joining the dots We need to now revert to the very beginning – The question being: Whether or not to join a network? I hope you have a few different networks in mind from which to choose. When you do, ask yourself: What do I need from my network? If your network can sufficiently provide what you need then you should join right away. Remember however, that joining is not enough…. You need to use the network to achieve your goals. (I often liken it to joining a gym, simply joining does not increase your muscles or decrease your waistline… you need to participate and be active in the organisation.) 1. Find out what your network offers to its members. 2. Use all the resources given to you. 3. Constantly be looking to increase your visibility and credibility within the network. As a Mauritius Business Network member, you can expect this: 1. You will be surrounded by business friends who are there to give first, and through the law of reciprocity, they will receive. 2. You will have a webpage 3. You will have a mobile APP page 4. You will have a list of resources to use to help make doing business in Mauritius a little easier 5. You will have access to over 39 companies offering members discounts 6. You will get free access to up to 44 meetings per year (online and face-to-face) 7. You will get free access to 11 online learning courses offered through LearnTech 8. You will be able to use the Mauritius Business Network Facebook page. Coming soon….. an online marketplace from which to sell products and services via the web Good luck choosing a network. If you are in business, I highly recommend joining a community that uplifts and supports you emotionally as well as in business. I hope you will choose to join the Mauritius Business Network business community; I’d be happy to meet you at one of our lively meetings or your could sign up here: www.mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com/join.php Copy and paste this link into your URL to watch the video: https://youtu.be/whhQIkYkWbk