Why you should join a netWORK - Part 5

2020-04-09 06:39:54 • Denise Pitot

REFERRALS The holy grail of joining any business network, for most people, is to get referrals. We need to be mindful of all the past blogs (parts 1 – 4) when considering receiving referrals. • Are we first “givers”? • Can we consider ourselves constantly visible within the network? • Have we established ourselves as credible amongst fellow members? • The last question and equally important: Have I told my network what I need? If you cannot answer YES to ALL these questions, then the network will not yield referrals. Of course, you will still have all the other benefits: Business friends, online presence, social media groups and resources – with all visibility and credibility, learning and price reductions, that may well be enough to justify your annual subs. However, if you need referrals (and not everyone does), then you need to fulfil the 4 questions adequately. So ask yourself: What do you need from your network? Copy this link into your browser to watch the video: https://youtu.be/Iq_GGxURGig