How do we cope with ourselves and others in this time of crisis and lockdown ?

2020-04-06 07:12:56 • NATHALIE SANCHEZ

We are locked down for several weeks now. - How do we evolve? - Have our moods changed? - Do you think that YOU HAVE changed o your behaviours ? o your thinking ? o your interaction with your children, husband or wife ? Personnally I can say YES At the beginning of the lockdown I took it as a benefit: - Having time for the house - Having time for myself - Having time to occupy my brain, by reading, watching NETFLIX 😊 - Having time for my body, my mind…. - Having time to discuss with my husband Because of the lockdown lasting, my behaviour and communication style have changed ! If you know a little bit about DISC i.e. the style of your personnality , behaviours and acting attitude in your NATURAL STYLE vs ADAPTED STYLE - D style ( Directive or Dominent) I style (Influencer) S style ( Steady) , C style ( Conscientious ) ; - would you say that you have noticed changes ? - Can you explain those changes ? - What type of behaviours and attitude have you noticed ? - And finally HOW did you ADAPT yourselves in this particular CRISIS time ? What about LEARNING & UNDERSTANDING THOSE CHANGES ? 1st step will be : What is my Natural Style vs my Adapted Style ? Defined your style by 20 online questions that will be commented on once done, by a report on a face to face basis via zoom with your coach. I send you a link with the questions THAT YOU SHALL ANSWER promptly and 48H after you will receive a report. Read this report and then will have a 2H coaching session to guide you with this report (BOOKING MANDATORY AT LEAST 1 DAY AFTER RECEIVING THE REPORT ) ACCESS to the questionnaire + the 48 pages’ report + 2H FACE TO FACE COACHING is ONLY FOR $50 The 2nd Step : How do I adapt my style vs the environment , events that are occuring & relationship ? Online discussion with your coach on understanding Your NEEDS – FEARS - EMOTIONS and ADAPTING your STYLES CHANGES based on the RELATIONSHIP, SITUATION and ENVIRONMENT This 1 h face to face discussion is only at $29  A 3 HOURS FACE TO FACE COACHING FOR ONLY $ 79 to answer this question ‘’How to treat OTHERS the way they WANT to be treated ?’’ I will be very happy and grateful to assist you on understanding what is going on within US while going through this crisis period, which could be for some, stressful, but very rich in understanding ourselves. Contact me, Nathalie by Whatsapp on + 230