Why you should join a netWORK - Part 4

2020-04-06 02:00:29 • Denise Pitot

For their RESOURCES You network no doubt has several resources at your disposal. Have you investigated these fully? Each one offers the opportunity for growth of you or your business. I’ll explain some of the resources available to Mauritius Business Network members to give you an idea: Links - On the resources page, you will find a number of links available to you should you wish to connect with government resources, chambers etc. Take some time to browse the links your prospective networks are able to offer you and decide if they could be of benefit to help you meet your objective for joining a network. Discount Partners – MBN has over 39 discount partners. These discounts alone could pay for your membership. Do you know who is offering you discounts? Online Learning – Through a partner company, LearnTech, you are given 11 online learning courses. These courses add value to you as an entrepreneur and as an employee. Mobile APP – A mobile APP page which can be used as a virtual business card! Why not, instead of giving out business cards that generally get trashed, send your “card” via the APP! Saves you money too. Website – A directory to search for fellow members as well as your very own web page. Yes, you need not spend loads of money creating one yourself, if a basic webpage is all you need. (Especially as a start-up entrepreneur) Social Media Groups – We spoke about this in the part 3. Take advantage of the social media groups linked to your network to enhance your visibility and credibility. In a nutshell, joining a network will come with a variety of resources that are given to you as part of the “package”. Investigate them well, if they are good, they could “pay” your subs. To view the video, copy and paste this link into your browser: https://youtu.be/k4fXfZNvum4