Why you should join a netWORK - Part 3

2020-04-02 05:11:50 • Denise Pitot

SOCIAL MEDIA We have already mentioned in part one and two, that being part of a network, means having access to business friends and you get an online presence with a webpage and mobile application page for added exposure. (Well these are a given with Mauritius Business Network) It also often means that there are online social groups that you can belong to and participate in. Take advantage of the WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups. Use these platforms to enhance your visibility. You can even grow your credibility within the groups by creating value adding posts or blogs. When you share your knowledge, other than reminding your fellow members about you, you also remind them that you are an expert in your field. When you share your knowledge, you gain credibility, you are perceived as a “giver” AND an “expert”! You can also use social media to share great experiences or service that you received from your fellow members. You make them look good and believe it or not, you also gain credibility AND visibility AND you are seen as a “giver”. Credibility is important when you would like to receive referrals. That is obvious, but why is visibility so important? Well, in this fast-paced world, out of sight means out of mind. Make sure when you remind people about you, that you are adding value to their lives. Let’s recap: The network should be able to give you opportunity to:- • Write value adding blogs and social media posts • Share stories about great experiences received from other members (and the network 😉) • Continually look to increase visibility AND visibility Copy and paste this link in your browser to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUkne_-TkzU&feature=youtu.be