How to: Grow your business during lockdown

2020-03-26 05:27:38 • Denise Pitot

During lockdown, we have an opportunity to use this time effectively to GROW our businesses. What can we do? Part 1. LOGON to then... a. Refresh your advert b. Write a BLOG c. Add pictures to your gallery d. Create a special offer for your fellow members Remember that your advert will disappear until I have re-approved it. Part 2. Learn something! Go to Login to LearnTech and access 11 courses to hone your entrepreneurial skills. Learn basic bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, All about COVID-19 and more If you are a member, these courses are FREE If you are not yet a member, go to once you have paid you will be sent the link to access these courses: * Sales Fundamentals * Negotiation Skills * Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 * Microsoft Excel 2016 * Knowledge Management * Entrepreneurship * Customer Service * COVID-19 What you need to know * Budgets and Financial Reports * Basic Bookkeeping * Administrative Support Part 3. Sign up for online networking events Thurs 2 April (last day of lockdown?) Tues 7 April Thurs 9 April Tues 14 April go to for all MBN events and registration links Part 4. SEARCH for other members 1. Invite at least 1 member per week to have a coffee connect with you – online 😉 2. Write a testimonial for Facebook if you have used a fellow member’s services This will grow your visibility and credibility within the network. We need to come out the other side of this worldwide pandemic with renewed energy for our business. We need to use the time to recharge, plan, and do all the things we never found time for before. Take advantage of the opportunity we have been given! Stay safe Chat online on 2 April with our first April online network meeting. Denise Pitot