COVID19 Period - March 2020 - How to communicate between us

2020-03-25 02:10:51 • NATHALIE SANCHEZ

In this hard period of worldwilde pandemia, we, as individuals and professionals are suffuring because nothing is ''as usual''. You need to reinvent yourself, to be strong for and with the others. In these lockdown days and months, we, individually as human beings do not have the habit to stay at home 24h/24h with our husband, children and maybe other members of the family. I, as a Communication Coach, put in place a 2h coaching based on ''How to increase and cope with our compatibility with others''. It is about : 1- UNDERSTAND that although each individual's personality is as unique as his or her thumbprint, many behaviours can be positioned within a systematic , predicable, framework; 2- IDENTIFY how a person's behavioral patterns influence what that person, wants, needs, and expects from you and others, as well as HOW that person communicates those wants, needs, and expectations. If you know what to listen and look for, people will tell you how to deal with them. 3- ADAPT to people in a way that will REDUCE TENSION and INCREASE COOPERATION and TRUST in all varieties of relationships. It is my belief that people will show you- actually Teach you- how they prefer to be treated if you will listen to what they have to say, watch what they do, and be willing to ACCOMMODATE possible differences between their STYLES AND YOUR OWN. If you are interested in having a 2h individual' coaching via skype or zoom, or for more information about the coaching and price, do not hesitate to contact me directly via email : or by phone +230 52 51 64 40. For now, be safe at home, take care. Nathalie