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2020-03-20 03:38:56 • Denise Pitot

Technology is changing the landscape for everyone from very large multinational companies to the one-man band, from companies with 100s of thousands of employees to sole proprietors, from companies with large office parks across multiple locations to companies with no real estate at all operating in one suburb only. Technology is changing the world of business (of course) but also for individuals, like artists, sportsmen and women, medical people, law enforcers, adults, students, children, and many others. Technology is changing the way we bank, shop, travel, relax, socialize and work. Nowhere has technology been more effective, successful and affordable than in the world of small businesses and their owners. The world of a small business owner can be very isolating and often scary, always too busy and always extremely stressful. Chances are, it's affected your business, too. There are many technologies geared towards each industry, situation and every size of company. FABS is trusted by hundreds of companies across the African continent to guide, advise, implement and support them along the way. They provide integrated business solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of IT services and span over 6000 solutions from across the world, helping you to focus on what is important in your business - with the confidence that your business is well managed, compliant and secure. The technological benefits that FABS brings to the table will help your business to grow and your customers to have a great experience. Our model is to assess the client’s existing technology infrastructure and solutions and try and get that to meet their needs through training, consultancy services, reinstallation or customisation. It is only if there is a gap, or it is impossible to meet their needs with their existing technology that we would recommend a replacement solution. Everything that we do has a security foundation, so whenever we engage with clients we always look at their security first and then, depending on what their security posture is, we will look at what solutions they are using and how they are using them. In cases where the client has a very specific problem, we will assess that problem first, particularly when a business-critical application is not working, but that is always with the understanding that we will then do a proper security assessment once the problem has been solved. FABS is technology agnostic and can provide solutions from almost every vendor across the globe. Should a client request a specific solution from a vendor that we do not have an existing relationship with, we commit to put that relationship in place to meet the client’s needs. FABS has worked with several brands and is currently working with the MBN marketplace, creating a platform for all the MBN businesses to sell their products. Submitted By: Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS)