Why you should join a netWORK - part 2

2020-03-19 10:04:47 • Denise Pitot

This is a great time to assess our businesses, look at how we can do things differently to succeed in these changing and challenging times. Your netWORK likely has many benefits other than the regular face-to-face interactions that initially come to mind. Your network may for example have an online community within which you can continue to grow your visibility. For example at Mauritius Business Network, our members have a great online presence with our website and our mobile APP. Why not take the time to ensure that your company is well represented online? A great online presence is often the first place people explore when checking your credibility. Do you have a good logo? Is your profile picture a representation of you? What does your write up say about you and your company? You could look within your network to find service providers who are able to assist you to get that polished and professional online look. We will continue to explore more reasons why joining a network is a great way to build your business in part 3. See the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/R80LdNpvSxs