Networking tip #2 netWORK

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • Denise Pitot

"Denise Pitot's TOP Networking Tips: #2 Whether you are a seasoned networker, or learning the ropes, here are some of my top tips to help you to get the most out of your networking events. Tip #2. There is a reason it is called netWORK. By simply being at an event, one does not "network". By "working" the room, meeting and greeting, one begins to network. Grow your contact sphere, meet, greet and as we have mentioned before work on building existing relationships. My top tip, is to stand. Please do not sit before an event starts � people are more likely to engage with a person who is standing and looks like they want to interact. A networking event is a business activity. If the room is well-worked, it is as good as having met with your sales team. Enjoy working the room, meet new people, but work on building those relationships!"