Give Your Business a Fresh New Look, Christmas is coming..

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • The Creative Couch

"At the beginning of a brand new year, we're often compelled to think about fresh starts. A brand new list of resolutions is stuck to our fridges (which we've cleaned out and filled with healthy vegetables). We've put away our holiday decorations and cleaned out the closets at the same time. And the truly dedicated have frozen the credit cards in blocks of ice (or cut them up) in resolve to clear out the debt and make a fresh start financially. Your business could use a fresh start this month! yip 6 months into the year already too. And often a fresh start begins with a fresh new look. Here are a 7 ways to freshen up your business without spending tons of money. Wash Your Windows! and a Fresh coat of paint! Fresh signage Are your signs drooping and sagging? Are they faded and worn? It might be time to look at a sign makeover. If you're currently using paper or cardboard signs, consider switching to a vinyl banner or corrugate sign. These materials hold up much better; they'll last longer and look better, too. Go through your store or office and find all those little “temporary” signs you made with a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen. It's time to replace those with a more permanent sign. Freshen up your logo Lots of companies change their logos every decade or so. You don't usually want to make a complete change—your logo is a major aspect of your company branding. But a little update is a good idea if it's been more than 10 years since the last change. Freshen up your website When was the last time you did something new to your website? If it was built in 2003, it's time to revamp. If your “website” is one page that lists your hours and contact info, you don't really have a website. If your site has neon colors on it, has flash animation on the homepage, or has music that begins to play when the site opens, it's time to update. Find a designer and get some opinions about what needs to be done to make your website look fabulous (and like it was created in 2018, not 2003). Hire a web developer if needed in order to have a fully-functional site."