Say NO to leads!

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • Denise Pitot


What is the difference between a lead and a referral?
Why is it that we only want to receive referrals from our network?

A lead essentially can be found anywhere; the good old phone book, or Google! There is no relationship, it is just a name. Usually doing business with a lead is a hard nut to crack. Often meaning you need to get past the gatekeeper. On the other hand, when both parties are known, liked and trusted by a common "friend", the business deal is that much easier to close.

Because you are the conduit between the two parties, you ensure both parties are aware of the potential to do business, and you make that business deal much more likely to happen. R

eceiving a qualified referral is a wonderful gift.
Giving a qualified referral means helping a fellow networker to grow.

Passing qualified referrals between fellow MBN members is what we strive for, it is the ultimate compliment between two or three trusted parties.

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