Referral networking works

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • Denise Pitot

"What to do after the networking event – what should I do with all these contacts? So the networking event is over and you have accumulated a handful of cards. What now? There are some cultures that would frown upon writing on a business card that you have received, I however feel it is an excellent way to help you remember some important information. I suggest writing the date of the meeting and any important information that will help you to remember the person you have met. It may be something that you discussed, it may be why you are interested to make contact after the meeting, it may even be personal information that you would like to remember. There are a number of online applications to assist you to save the card details onto your Smartphone, easily. I like Cam Card personally. You could ideally save them straight into your CRM programme. When you make contact with someone that you have met, the most important piece of information I could share with you is please, DO NOT sell. Rather invite them to join you for a cup of coffee – you can mention that it would be a good opportunity to find out more about their business. When you get together, ask them about their business. Show interest in them first. This way you will know what aspects of your business to tell them about when it is your turn to talk. This ensures you are able to hold his attention and keep the conversation relevant. The idea of this coffee session is to A. Find out more about each other as people, B. To find out about each other's business and C. To find out how you could assist them, what their ideal referral would be. We need to understand each other's business so that when we are in the company of other people and someone says they are looking for a company to assist with…… BOOM, you can connect them! I suggest meeting everyone in your network, one on one, even if you don't think there are synergies with your business. You may be surprised to find how you can assist one another when you dig a little over a good cup of coffee!"