Referral networking works

2019-12-20 11:22:15 • Dean Pitot

"Why referral networking is so effective and important to grow our businesses The power of referral networking is in the fact that it almost eliminates the need to cold call. Effectively, everytime you meet with a similar group of people, their knowledge about your business expands and their ability to become your sales force increases. Imagine the room being filled with people who are part of your sales team. This becomes a vital meeting that you absolutely should not miss. It's the opportunity to remind your sales team about your business and how they can assist you to grow your business. A network event is a business function. It is generally held during business hours and connects you with other business people. We do however need to work during this time to ensure maximum efficacy. You can read Denise's top networking tips here. When you network well, a fellow networker will be prompted to connect you with someone within their network. They should mention you by name, what you can do to assist them and that you will be making contact very soon. You should be given their contact's relevant information so that when you call, they immediately accept your call and are open to having a conversation with you. So much easier and much nicer than having to make a cold call, and try to get past the company “gate-keepers”. Of course, when you are given this valuable information and been given an intro, you should ALWAYS act on it. Amazingly, one of my best referrals I ever got was to connect with someone who did EXACTLY what I did. As a committed networker, I called the contact and introduced myself. What transpired months later, became my biggest client to date. When she couldn't do a job and referred her client to me! Meetings are never by accident, even if we do not see the relevence immediately. Nurture the relationships you make and always look to be connecting your contacts. It's in giving that we open ourselves to receive. Have some fun while you network."