What To Expect At An MBN (Mauritius) NetWORKing Event?

2023-07-27 08:20:26 • Denise Pitot

Welcome to the MBN (Mauritius) Networking Event! Get ready for an exhilarating experience packed with opportunities to make valuable connections and grow your business. Here's what you can expect at our dynamic event: 

    Check-In: Head over to the attendance table to grab your name sticker. Let's get you all set up for an incredible day of networking! 

    Open NetWORKing (9:30 a.m. - 10 a.m.): It's time to make connections! Put on your brightest smile and start mingling with other members. A simple 'Good morning' can work wonders in breaking the ice.

     Showcase Your Company: This is your chance to shine! Share your company's story and services with enthusiasm, and make sure to lend an ear to others as well. 

    No Dumping Zone: Let's keep it engaging and meaningful. Avoid overwhelming others with too much information or mindlessly handing out business cards.

     Formal Event (10:00 a.m.): Take a deep breath as we move into the main program. Grab your notebook and pen to capture all the golden nuggets of wisdom coming your way.

     Meet the Masters: We kick off with an inspiring talk from Denise Pitot, the dynamic founder of MBN – Mauritius. Then, it's EduSpeaker time! A fellow member will share valuable insights on a topic that benefits the entire audience. And that's not all! A premium member will take the spotlight next.

     Your Time to Shine: Get ready to introduce yourself in 30 to 45 seconds of fame! Share your name, company, and focus on a specific service you offer. Let everyone know what you're looking for today, whether it's more Facebook page likes or finding the perfect office space up North. End with a bang by repeating your name and company.

     Grand Finale: Denise will wrap up the event with a powerful concluding talk at 11 a.m. You won't want to miss this!

     Extend the Fun: Don't rush off just yet! Schedule a coffee connect with another networker to forge stronger connections. And hey, if you're eager to join MBN – Mauritius, Yannick and Emma are here to lend a hand and welcome you aboard.

 Got Questions? We've got answers! Reach out to us at sales@mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com or admin@mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com. We're here to make your networking journey a resounding success.

 Bring a Friend for Free: Feel free to bring a buddy along with you! They're in for an unforgettable experience.

 Unlock Your Networking Potential: Take it to the next level with Denise's exclusive course, 'How To NetWORK Like a Pro.' Check out the details about the next HTNLP session at: https://mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com/events.php

 Get pumped up for a powerful networking adventure with MBN – Mauritius! Let's make meaningful connections, grow our businesses, and have a blast while doing it. See you there!