Why do people say we SHOULD build a network?

2023-06-28 18:32:35 • Denise Pitot

We’ve heard from many successful business people, that we should build our networks, we’ve all heard “Your network determines your net worth” and I hope you have been exposed to MBN on some level, either on social media, attending a meeting or in your inboxes. But have you wondered why people say it’s so important?

Well, my cousin Gitte gave me a lovely example while we were chatting one day during my recent visit to Denmark, about a network she has built. While it relates to a personal experience, the concept rings true for personal, business, sport, parenting, religion and many other areas in our lives - Basically anytime you need to draw on experience, advice, friendship, referrals etc from a group of people who have a similar interest to you….I thought I’d share her story.

Gitte started playing padel 4 years ago, and at the time she didn’t know much about the game, nor how to create a foursome that is needed to play. By joining online/social media groups, as well as her local padel club, she started creating a name for herself in the padel world. She would volunteer to join when groups were looking for a player, she attended matches to show her keenness and she asked her padel comrades for tips and exercises to improve her game. Because of her reaching out and connecting, her network and net worth in the padel world increased as she was able to grow her visibility and her credibility as a player.

When she unexpectedly needed to spend 7 weeks in Spain, away from her normal padel network, she joined a local group and did the same thing… sharing, visiting, getting involved. Now, whether she is in Spain or Denmark, she has a group of padel-lovers, just like herself with whom to play the sport she loves. More than that, she has a group of friends on whom she can depend… and her Spanish has improved too!

Whether you are moving suburb or country, starting a new sport or hobby, or growing your business, you can only benefit from connecting with people who share your passions. Focus on growing your networks ASAP; it’s so much more fun in a group than trying to muddle your way through a challenge on your own!

If you are looking to grow your spiritual network, join a group who thinks like you do, to support your questions and guide your thinking.
If you are looking to grow your children’s friendship circle, connect with other parents, attend school functions, get involved with your children’s school and extra-curricular activities.
If you are looking to grow your business, join MBN to access business minded people who will guide, support and refer business to each other.

I hope that once you realise the impact networking can have on your business, that you will decide that MBN, being the FIRST GUIDED REFERRAL generating network in Mauritius, is the network to help you take your business to the next level.

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