How to live, work, retire, invest and acquire in Mauritius

2023-03-01 01:33:24 • Brian Blatch

There are many ways possible to come and enjoy life in this beautiful island. We have introduced them to you below, and you can see which offer suits your present relocation needs.


Blessed with sunshine all year round, as well as a coastline that is bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and spread over hundred kilometres, Mauritius remains the ‘place to be’. With a more liberal property market, Mauritius has gained rising popularity with the internationally mobile community comprising HNWIs and influential business personalities. Read more here: Acquire - Residency in Mauritius



Investment and entrepreneurship have made Mauritius one of the most dynamic developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa and of the Indian Ocean. The country has been consistently growing its economy and has therefore been attracting investors. Read more here: Invest - Residency in Mauritius



As a growing professional services platform, Mauritius offers huge scope for further advancement to qualified and experienced professionals, eager to avail themselves of the many opportunities in a thriving job market for expats in Mauritius. Read more here: Work - Residency in Mauritius



Mauritius is often cited as an ideal expatriation destination for retirement. From its mild and tropical climate, diverse cultures, leisure activities to its healthcare facilities, Mauritius offers much more to make the island more appealing for retirement. Read more here: Retire - Residency in Mauritius

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With its warmth, secure and tropical climate, Mauritius is the place to live. If you want to work, retire, invest, or just relax, Mauritius is the place to be. Choosing to live in Mauritius will give access to multiple benefits including tax regimes, political and social stability, multiculturalism, extensive air access and many others. Read more here: Live - Residency in Mauritius


Mauritius, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, has introduced a Premium Travel Visa, valid for a period of one year, renewable, to welcome esteemed travellers seeking to prolong their feeling of wellness arising from the gorgeous turquoise blue sea with silky sand beaches, tropical lagoons, the lush greens, the warmth and friendliness of locals, all in a COVID-safe destination.


The experience of natural beauty and balanced lifestyle that could only be encountered on a rare holiday has now been made available under the Premium Travel Visa to any non-citizen who intends to stay in Mauritius for a maximum period of one year as a tourist, retiree or a professional willing to come with his/her family and carry out his business or work remotely from Mauritius.

Read more here:  Mauritius Premium Visa - Residency in Mauritius



Known as the Permanent Residence Permit (PRP), this programme is for expatriates seeking to work and live freely in Mauritius and make it their second home.

It is a 20-year residency, open to investors, retirees, professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs, and their family.

This may be obtained under different conditions and is renewable for another 20 years, provided the residency requirements have been fulfilled.

Read more here:  Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) - Residency in Mauritius