The One Thing

2023-02-16 05:30:22 • Denise Pitot

The one thing that I learned in business is that you can never have too many contacts. But you've got to maintain contact with them, for them to be considered 'contacts'. There's no point after all in having lots of contacts if they don't remember you or you don't remember them when you need assistance.

Well at MBN, we've arranged four meetings, that's four get-togethers, four meet-and-greets, and we connect every single month. That means that you have four opportunities each month to connect with your contacts, to engage, to pass referrals, to make new friends, and to find out how things are going with each other in order to remember each other and to be able to pass business with one another. Being in business can be lonely, but that's a thing of the past with MBN, and that, in my opinion, is invaluable.

The meetings alone are a great reason to join a network like MBN. We're about 370 members at the moment and growing all the time. This means that through the website, the mobile app, our social media, AND our meetings, you have the opportunity to connect with 370 business people each month... who are like-minded, and who are also looking to engage with other business people.

Surrounding yourself with business people is vitally important to have a successful business."