You can do ANYTHING

2022-10-02 06:34:26 • Trisha Valaydon

What an amazing turn out it was on Saturday for our first Success is a Science seminar. I am so privileged to have shared this powerful material with such a delightful group of people. My heart is full today. One young man asked the question :
'What can we do to shut out all the noise of negativity around us when we are going after our dreams?'
Such a brilliant question. When we are little kids we dream and fantasize naturally and are encouraged to do so. We are amusing and they find it charming.
 Then as we start to go to school we are told to stop day dreaming. Get serious.
Now when we tell the adults around us what our dream is it makes them nervous. Angry. We hear things like 'How do you think you are going to do that? ' or ' Where do you think the money is going to come from ?' 'You have to be sensible' and we get the message loud and clear that they disapprove, and we feel bad. Ashamed. Ultimately not wanting to upset them we learn not to share our dreams anymore until eventually we think dreams are silly. So we stop.
As adults we talk ourselves out of our desires almost immediately. The older we get the worse it becomes. The 'noise of negativity' that shuts down our dreams is already in our mind. So it's there we must start. You have to learn you are infinitely more powerful and capable than any of that noise. Remember people around you have also been programmed to stop dreaming.
 Learn about your mind and how to use it powerfully. You can do ANYTHING.