Success is a Science not a Secret . Don't hold Back !

2022-09-26 02:55:58 • Trisha Valaydon

Success is a science, not a Secret.       Don't hold Back! 
   My dear friend Bob is a Buddhist chaplain and has the privilege of spending those last precious days on earth with incredible human's at the end of their life's journey.
The powerful honest urgency of the final words spoken are profound as you can imagine.
 A wonderful being called Rosie was asked what her 'final advice' would be to everyone before she left. 
She said without hesitation: 
'Don't hold back.'
So take her advice. You are not here that is short and you are a one time event. Your DESIRE is important to the world. When you hold back and talk yourself out of going after what you REALLY want. You don't feel fully alive, the world suffers. Simple as that. You are here to SHINE not dim. Take Rosies advice. Don't hold back.