Why you should download the MBN mobile app

2022-03-07 08:08:39 • Denise Pitot

Why download and use the MBN mobile app?

We’ve created an amazing mobile app to help guide you on your netWORKing journey, to help ensure that you netWORK effectively…. Read on for reasons why you should download it.

Before we begin: Here's how to download the MBN mobile app


Get access to all the MBN platforms. Download the app:

• Download app from Google Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details...

• Download app from Apple App Store here: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/mbn-mauritius/id1587291066

• Access the app on your browser: https://mbn2021.entegyapp.co.uk/

Members, you can get your login details on the email sent last Friday at 9am. You can also see how to climb the leader board by looking under the MEMBER INFO tab.


Once you have logged in, you are ready to network on the app. But why should you?


Reason 1. The magic formula for networking success is VISIBILITY + CREDIBILITY = PROFITABILITY. Using the app effectively will ensure a ROI on your networking efforts.


Reason 2. Having your picture on your profile will help fellow members to keep you fore of mind and begin the trust cycle.


Reason 3. Your power team sector is available for you to share industry-specific information with the members of your sector. As you share similar customers, this is a great way to boost your referrals received. Use this very effective messaging available through the app.


Reason 4. Climb the leaderboard to win a monthly prize! The flip side of this, is that as you climb the leaderboard, you are networking. Points are weighted more heavily on the more effective networking efforts.


Reason 5. Use the app to become a MASTER NETWORKER. Attending meetings and having coffee connects are essential tools to help you to be able to give better referrals and will enable others to pass quality referrals to you too. Make sure you log all your achievements to track your networking ROI.


Reason 6. NetWORKing works best when we extend the network circle. Why not invite entrepreneurs you know to join us for a meeting? Use the app to make passing a referral to MBN so easy.


Reason 7.  Get quick and easy visibility within your network by using the activity feed. Comment on your peers’ activity feeds and create your own posts. Remember Visible AND Credible is key…. Make your comments and questions valuable to the business community.


The MBN mobile app: Made possible by Absa