Fast(er) Fat Loss

2022-01-28 23:18:29 • Taariq Djarlo

Want to lose weight – you tried everything and nothing works?

Have you tried all sort of endless cardio workout and machines? Steppers, Stair Climbers, Treadmills, Abs machines, Ellipticals…Feel free to add to the list. You found a diet on the internet or you talked to a friend, and start restricting your food intake to a bare minimum starving yourself for 2 weeks or more.

Did it work?

Not really – right?

You might succeed dropping some kg’s, but after some time it all came back.

But still, people keep trying, and hope it works next time.

 Let me share a big secret – it doesn’t work and NEVER will – so please stop it.

 Now, you will be sitting and asking yourself “But WHAT should I do then ???”

 Let me share fat loss and lean muscle made simple:

·         Create a caloric deficit – incorporate intermittent fasting/caloric cycling

·         Eat clean - eat more protein – ca. 1 g per kg bodyweight

·         Workout & lift weights

·         Walk and be active 30-45 min every day

  If you want to read and learn more about how to create calorie deficit and implement intermittent fasting/caloric cycling check out my article on this link:



Workout – lift weights and drop the treadmill

Why?? I can hear you say….

Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which both increases your metabolism and decreases fat.

 A study tested men and women between the ages of 29-46 years old after establishing a baseline, the subjects continuously performed kettlebell snatches, quick lifts over the head, to a certain rhythm during a 20-minute period. The study confirmed the average study participant burned approximately 20 calories per minute during a typical kettlebell workout, or an astounding 400 calories during a 20-minute workout.  In terms of calorie burning, these results are equivalent to running a four-minute kilometer pace, or cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace.

 Another 8-week kettlebell focused study showed remarkable results as well:

·         Predictable strength and grip gains

·         13,8% increase in aerobic capacity

·         A dramatic increase in abdominal core strength with a 70% boost

 Lastly, a 2020 meta-analysis suggests that resistance training increases metabolism more than cardio, which can make weight loss maintenance easier because the body burns more calories at rest.

 Therefore, if you want to lose fat and maintain muscle, strength training while eating in a calorie deficit is key. But that doesn't mean cardio will hinder your progress, as long as time spent doing cardio is not taking away from your resistance workouts.


Fast Fat Loss Training protocol

The key elements are:

·         Train often

·         Lift heavy

·         Active recovery


Train often

Basically, you need to practice the “skill of strength”. The process is called “synaptic facilitation” - the repetitive and frequent stimulation of motor neurons - which strengthens the synaptic connections and even forms new ones.

Synaptic facilitation essentially trains your body to become more efficient at a particular movement, making it easier to perform. Hence, you will be able to do more and more work.  And that’s important for fat loss, because more work is the same as more calories burned.

Lift heavy

“Heavy” – obviously, relative to your strength level – since lifting heavy translate into use as much force as possible.

 If we just spend two minutes on your high-school science class, force equals mass multiplied by acceleration:

 Force = Mass x Acceleration

 Therefore, for you to generate maximum force, you either lift a very heavy weight slowly or a lighter weight as fast as possible (or explosively).

 I can hear you asking again…But is that important for fat loss??

 The short answer – Yes.

 The longer answer…

Yes, because lifting heavy activates your Type 2X fast-twitch muscle fibers, which uses carbohydrate to produce energy (ATP). In contrast to other muscle fibers i.e., Type 2A fibers using a mixture of carbohydrate and oxygen or Type 1 fibers relying on oxygen to produce energy.

 Therefore, more carbohydrates spend more fat burned…so you should focus on lifting heavier weights for a faster fat loss.


This is where people often fail. Often, they go too heavy/hard too often, which deplete energy depots, and put a halt to the fat loss process. Typically, there is a high risk for overtraining, injuries and weight gains. Therefore, it is essential to establish a protocol that allow you to recover as fast as possible or recover enough between sessions to do more work.

 Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, a world-renowned sport bio-mechanist and former strength and conditioning consultant for the Soviet Union Olympic teams, developed a protocol promoting remarkable results.

 The protocol in its simplicity looks like this on a weekly basis:

 “Heavy – Light – Heavy – Light – Heavy – Light”

 This allows you maximizing work done – double the work compared to traditional protocols Heavy – Medium – Light. It also promotes faster recovery than adding rest days.

Fat Loss Protocol

The key take away is “Contrasts” – not only for workout but also for nutrition.

 Mixing high calorie days with low calorie days – caloric cycling – will boost the fat loss. Caloric cycling can for example be implemented with 5 days low caloric intake (25-30% below BMR) and 2 days with high caloric intake (around 5% below BMR). Note, we still talk “clean eating”, but we also need to include good carbohydrates and fat in your diet together with a lot of protein.

 The contrast workout protocol was Heavy-Light-Heavy-Light etc., so the ideal way to build a Fast Fat Loss protocol is by mixing heavy lifting with explosive lifting. Remember, Force = Mass x Acceleration, so to generate maximum force, you either lift a very heavy weight slowly or a lighter weight as fast as possible (or explosively).

 But how do I do that?

 I am glad you asked.

A good example of a contrast protocol is heavy front or goblet squat and explosive double kettlebell swing, clean or snatch. When you pairing different kinetic chains, you can manage large workout volume without feeling crushed and overly fatigued. And large volume of work equals large amounts of carbs and fat burned = Faster Fat Loss…

If you want to try and feel it on your body - try this:

Perform goblet or front squat in sets of 5 reps with your 8 RM* for 20 min with as little but as much rest needed between sets.

(8 RM is a weight you can lift for 8 reps)


If you are committed and ready to change, drop the endless cardio workout, and try a proven body re-composition protocol. I help implement a “contrast protocol” for workout and nutrition you accelerate gains in lean body mass and faster fat loss.

To summarize, some of the reasons and benefits as we have discussed above are:

1.      Train often without burning out using contrast workout protocol.

2.      Lift heavy and explosive using your type 2X fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are fired by carbohydrates (glucose).

3.      Physiologist have discovered that you can burn more fat by using carbohydrates as “starter fuel source”.

4.      In the absence of carbs your body will use stored body fat for fuel.

5.      Establish a contrast protocol for your nutrition i.e., caloric cycling

Overall, I blend barbell and kettlebell workout, which produce remarkable results, which is what virtually everybody look to get from their workouts. If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells, they not only offer resistance training benefits, they also help you burn calories, lose weight, and enhance functional performance capabilities.

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goblet or fnt squat in sets of 5 reps with your 8 RM* for 20 min with as little but as much rest needed between sets.


*8 RM is a weight you can lift 8 reps.