Life all of us.

2021-09-02 05:40:05 • Taariq Djarlo

We all remember what we used to be; How fit we were, plyaing in a sportsteam, running and lifting heavy stuff. BUT what happened??

Life happened! Nobody can escape it - we are all caught up. Time is slipping through our fingers, and has become an even more scarce resource. We become parents, have a busy job, kids etc., and feel we can't keep health in check. 

It doesn't mean that we have to let go and just give up! What is important is to start simple. Avoid the usual suspect - the unrealistic New Year resolutions about this and that - which we all know will eventual fail making us feel even worse than before we started them.

Motivation is what get you started - Habit is what keep you going. 

Hence, when I work with clients the "ground rules" are:

1. Establish realistic goals and expectations

2. Eat "clean" - eliminate empty carbs i.e. sugar, white bread etc.

3. Be ACTIVE - remember something is always better than nothing

If you want to loose fat and get a lean healthy body my recipe is fairly simple, and doesn't require extreme efforts neither in the kitchen nor in the "gym". My philosophy focus on a minimalistic and simplistic approach, which have helped clients with sustainable fat loss together with building lean and strong bodies.

It goes like this:

1. Create a caloric deficit or eat a little less

2. Workout and lift weights ca. 30 min per session 3-5 times a week

3. Walk and be active 30-45 min. every day

4. Eat more protein - ca. 1g per kg body weight

5. Caloric cycling for efficient fat loss, while maintaining the fat free muscles and most importantly dont messing up your metabolism

6. DON'T DIET!!!!

If you follow my program and stay committed you can realistic loose 5 kg per month while  building lean muscles and tone your body.



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