How to give a Facebook Referral

2021-05-06 06:36:44 • Denise Pitot

Facebook referrals are great when they are done correctly. Sadly, simply tagging your MBN member may not be enough for them to get the business, so it's not really a referral (for the record) until it's done this way....

1. Tag the person and/or their company.
2. Take a screen shot and send it to the MBN member (perhaps send to a few others who can help to give weight to this referral too).
3. Send a message on the FB post asking the person to check their "othe inbox" for a DM from the MBN member.

Ideally, when the MBN member has sent the DM, you can again send a message on the post saying DM sent.

If we team up, and a few of us give testimonials, likes and tags to the same MBN member (where it is deserved, obviously) then that member is most likely to get the job..... team work.... the power of an eco-system.

Watch the video here: