About Us

2021-04-30 11:11:59 • Joanna Curpanen

In 2013, we started out as a concept. Three years later, in 2016, we completed our realization stage and emerged as Furniture Elegancy & Interior Design Ltd, 100% made in Mauritius. Our company focuses on bringing you the best in office furniture, including customized turnkey installations as well as interior design consultancy services.

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers’. – Seth Godin, Entrepreneur

We were inspired by this philosophy and have made our aim to bring you quality, efficient and affordable products, and services.

Recently, we have been described as leaders in the local industry sector and we cannot disagree. We design and manufacture our products using the latest technology and machinery infused with our own personal touch to make sure that we deliver beyond your expectations, while making sure that quality is not compromised, and costs are optimized. 

At Furniture Elegancy, we pave the way in creating customized furniture whether you are an individual looking for one or some furniture pieces to enhance your home setting or a company looking to make a bulk order for its enterprise. 

Our Vision and Mission: 

We work with you for your vision in terms of your space to become a reality.

We believe furniture should be:

Functional and purposeful.

Our mission is to provide you with innovative products which meet your requirements. 

Esthetic and cost efficient.

Our focus is on providing you with affordable yet high quality esthetic products which are aligned and fit in with your concept. 

We believe your interior design should be:

Liberating and Inspiring

Our expertise acquired through intensive research and experience over various projects are put at your service with your requirements in focus for a contemporary design. 

Our promise

Every piece of furniture needs a solid foundation to stand the test of time. Similarly, our services are also based on our core values which ensure we provide you with service exceeding your expectations based on:

- A customer focused approach which caters for your requirements to provide you with a competitive edge to achieve your results.

- A seamless service from inception to completion, focused on quality and excellence, from the choice of materials locally to delivering your products in the safest conditions.

- A collaborative process founded on teamwork through the exchange of ideas by all team members and emphasizing on each other’s strength.

- A sustainable and innovative system of work integrating the latest technological and design methods while sourcing sustainable material locally and applying a minimum wastage approach in production.


Our Products

Our products include top of the range office furniture, made to the highest international standards as well as custom designed furniture made to your requirements. 

We also manufacture specific custom-made logistics which will assist in making your organization run efficiently including room dividers and personal booths. 

All our products are locally made, with material sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced according to the LEAN manufacturing process ensuring minimum wastage. 


Our Services

Our services include Interior Design consultancy in line with your requirements to deliver the harmonized space you need, as an individual trying to create your ideal personal space at home or an organization seeking to optimize its working space to create a thriving professional setting. 

We also provide dedicated turnkey project delivery services from custom made structures to refurbishment of existing furniture. 

We believe in potential and do not let it go to waste. 

Our advisors, with their wealth of experience, will work in close collaboration with you and your team to ensure you receive the most efficient advice and appropriate products for your space. 


Our proposals include a free onsite visit and consultation, which can be followed by rendering of 2D and 3D models of your space. Our designs are in line with Health and Safety Regulations and aligned with sustainability guidelines ensuring optimum use of space.  They also allow easy and unhindered movement while capturing elements such as natural lighting and aeration while delivering a captivating aesthetic finish. 


Our team adopts an integrated approach which includes working with your team of designers and architects as well as work with their plans to provide a seamless and efficient design to your taste and budget, from inception to finish. 


Our turnkey services include a range of deliverables from false ceiling, including gypsum and suspended ceilings. We also provide full wiring and cabling services for electric and data purposes. 

Our team is also available for hands on furniture placement according to your requirements. 

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