Meet the Team....Celine Hypolite

2021-04-08 08:33:22 • Karen Thornalley

Qualified Real Estate Administrative officer 

Multilingual, passionate and motivated, Celine was born in Mauritius. Her courage has always been appreciated from the earliest age while doing odd jobs and studying at the same time. After high school, she immediately jumped into the client relations world. She has now about 5 years of experience in the customer service industry. Her main interest is communication, as she believes that human connection is key to personal and career success. 

Always thirsty for new experiences, Celine is studying marketing management with ABE UK. Young and vigorous, she keeps on looking for new opportunities in order to enrich her knowledge and thus helping in the business growth of Property Finder. 

She is always ready to help her colleagues, Karen and Astrid. Assisting them on a daily basis, new challenges don't scare her at all. She's always attentive and meticulous to every little detail to make sure that the chain of workflow properly within Propertyfinder. 

She is guided by strong ethical principles and is always committed to deliver the highest standard of service to clients.