Meet the Team ....Astrid Toulet

2021-04-08 08:32:13 • Karen Thornalley

Property Consultant in Rental and Sales (Local & International market)

Head of Client Relations

Proudly born and raised in Mauritius, she left the island to study in Cape Town but realized that Home is Mauritius. Jumped straight into the Real estate world with her 1st job in one of the most prestigious IRS projects in the South of the island. She then decided to take a chance in realizing one of her dreams: travelling around the world and so she left the island again for a new world in Dubai and developed her team spirit to the max! Highly adaptable person, Astrid can fit herself in any situation. But there again she realized that Mauritius was Home. Back into the Mauritian Real Estate world, she now has more than 9 years’ experience! She just loved meeting new people with dreams and doing everything she can to fulfil these for them, whether it’s a house to buy or to rent or a plot of land. She met Karen a few years back, when Karen was one of her clients who just arrived on the island. She decided to join Property Finder Ltd 3 years ago to take on this opportunity to help Karen in growing and developing the business from the start. 

Multilingual, passionate about helping others and people needs, client service orientated, Astrid applies her experience and knowledge to the company, she is the “oracle” of the team!!! She has learned to be very meticulous about her work so as not to miss anything which may be important for anybody and she always reaches for the highest standards whether in the service to the client, or the publications going online, or the agreements with other companies, leases, branding and marketing. She always goes out her way to help others whether it’s for the clients or in the office and believe strongly in teamwork. She also believes in sharing is caring especially when it comes to serve the clients: working along with other agencies to find exactly what the client wants, it’s a winner for everybody. Trustworthy, Astrid cannot sell something she doesn’t believe in and will tell you straight away if there is an issue somewhere, testimonials go accordingly. Dedicated, Astrid only stops when the client is settled.