Finding where you want to live is half the battle, now you have to decide what you want to live in. 
Do you envision yourself lounging with a glass of champagne in a luxe condo? Or do you want to live a picture-perfect life with your spouse and kids in a townhouse or villa? 
This section will walk you through what to expect from different types of homes.

Life in a condominium

The essence of modern living, chic apartments give traditional blocky houses a run for their money. Not only are these housing units more wallet-friendly than townhouses and villas, they require less general maintenance too! Tending to a compact urban garden on your balcony is a smaller chore than regularly mowing and manicuring a backyard and front lawn. 
A potential downside to apartment living is sharing with a community. That means shared walls, a communal parking space, and shared facilities like a gym and pool. You can also expect monthly maintenance bills from the homeowners’ association and occasionally a housing tax.

Life in a townhouse

If you can’t make your mind up between an apartment or house, a townhouse is the way to go. Financially, the cheapest townhouse on the market could potentially cost just as much as a condo, or even less if you’re lucky! They span across two floors and come with private parking. You can expect monthly bills from the homeowners’ association, but this saves you the hassle of having to maintain the building’s exterior. Townhouses come accessorized with a cute yard that you can repurpose into a BBQ courtyard, an outdoor lounge, an open-air bar, or a garden. Ideal for a variety of tenants – they’re perfect for couples or families with young children.

Life in a house

The biggest and most expensive option from the lot, a house is perfect if you love your privacy and independence. You won’t have to bother with homeowners’ association bills, but will have to shoulder the cost if something goes wrong with the place. You’ll have to personally invest in maintaining the lawns, the garden, and the swimming pool (if it comes with one). Some houses come with a fence that will thoroughly mark your house and the space around it as your very own. Houses tend to come with spacious lawns at the front and yards at the back, with ample space for a clubhouse, a swimming pool and jacuzzi combo, or a tree house for the kids. 
Houses are also the best dog-friendly option as they offer tons of running space. For rainy days when you can’t take your pooch out for a walk, they can stretch their legs and do their business in the backyard. A condo or townhouse would be too cramped a space for situations like this. You can also customize your house, piecing on additions and extensions over the years.

It’s all down to budget and space

What makes choosing a specific type of home an important decision is that they come in varying sizes. Your lifestyle and family determine the kind of home that’s right for you. Apartments and their compact layouts are ideal for single tenants or couples. Bring a pet into the mix, and a townhouse may be a better option. Add kids to that equation and the options will be boosted to houses and villas. Think about the minor details that impact your day-to-day comfort. 

Quiz yourself with these crucial questions

– Does your home have enough bathrooms to accommodate all the members of your family? 
– Let’s say you like to cook – is the kitchen spacious enough cook an elaborate meal? 

– If you want to launch a home-based startup, does your living space limit you to a foldable desk and bean bag or is there enough space for a fully-equipped home office? – Let’s say your home is an investment – is it located in an area that will keep up with the trends?
– Does your home have a separate space (like a nook or a yard) where you can hit the relax button?
– If you’re a social person, does your home have space to host parties and dinners?
– You’ve got a pet, is there enough room for them to expend their energy so they don’t resort to wrecking your furniture out of sheer restlessness and boredom?
– Does the building you’re moving into allow pets, smoking, loud music, BBQing on the balcony
– Are you happy to pay homeowners’ association fees for a shared property, like a condo?
– If you buy a house, can you comfortably afford the upkeep of its features? 

If this section has either inspired you to launch into house hunting or has left you with a bunch of questions about finding the right property, get in touch with Buying Mauritius. Our savvy team of real estate experts will address any queries you have, and will assist you in every way.